Glory of the Noob Raider

I decided to stow along on a PUG Naxxramas 25 run that someone was advertising in trade chat last night.  I haven’t been to Naxx since when it was released the first time, so all of the achievements were fresh and new to me.  It seemed like a good opportunity to see a new dungeon and perhaps get some sweet transmog gear.  Alas, I didn’t end up getting any good looking gear (a beautiful druid staff went to a priest who will likely never use it…) but it was still a fun experience.  The group was very organized, and the only difficulty we had was on Loatheb because someone kept hitting a spore.

However, I got 9 achievements done for Glory of the Raider (25 Player).  I just need to do 25 man ICC for the other half.  I’m disappointed however that the title/mount was removed from this achievement, so I guess it’s just 25 points that I’m going for.  Oh well 🙂

I also ran a social/fun raid of Sunwell Plateau that I found on the OpenRaid site.  This was my first time attending an OpenRaid, and it went okay.  Not spectacular because people kept ignoring the instructions.  But the instance was a faceroll anyway with little challenge.  I’m planning to start using OpenRaid more often to see more content in the game and try to get more achievements that I’m lacking.  I think it’s a great idea and decent execution, I just hope I match up with people who don’t take the game too seriously.  I am way too easy going for that!

This week my playtime will be sparse, as I’m travelling a lot.  Take care of Azeroth for me while I’m gone!

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  1. Grats! I love seeing people getting achievements. The flashing screen, the achievement popping up, it’s just so exciting! Have fun and save travelling Cuppy!

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