Lawn Darts & Pool Fishing

My guild had a Lawn Dart tournament on the calendar, and naturally I was intrigued.  I had to figure out what all the commotion was around this, so I logged in and got a teleport to Dalaran and waited for the fun to begin.  25 of us proud Reckoning members stood on top of the “cliff” while one of our officers stripped naked and threw himself off of the edge.  A raid marker was then placed on his body, and we all had to take turns individually leaping to our deaths.  The closest 3 to the target won a prize!   We ended up doing two rounds, one without a land mount and one with.  I didn’t win, but I had such a good time anyway.  I can’t wait to do this again and apparently it’s a monthly event! 🙂  We all got on Mumble and chatted and had a great time.

A little pre-party antics.


Standing at the edge of doom….
The pile of bodies left beneath the cliff.
The scorpion mount looked hilarious as it was falling!

Later in the evening, I logged in to do a little fishing and decided to go for Northrend Angler, since I was only 5 pools away.  Visiting Northrend made me a little sad, because I enjoyed so much of those zones and  I don’t visit them often enough.  Might it be time for another alt so I can take another trip though?

Mission Accomplished!


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  1. The one good thing about an expansion in it’s death throws is all the fun stuff people come up with to keep people logging. Also seeing Horde fall off stuff never gets old :p

  2. I have a variation on this particular event that I had been meaning to post. Perhaps once the Mogolympics quiet down I’ll get it published.

    Looks like you all had a blast.

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