Movin’ On Up!

First off,  I have to apologize for being sort of MIA here on the blog.  I have good excuses, I swear!  I was up in San Francisco for a work trip for much of the week, then I spent most of Friday night watching the Olympic opening  ceremonies.  But I did get plenty of playtime in last night, and here and there throughout the week.  You can see by my activity feed that I’ve been a busy cow!  Moooooo.


I’ve been mostly doing a lot of heroic 5-mans, trying to gear up through JP and experience all of the dungeons before MoP releases.  As a result, I got a few new pieces of heroic dropped gear and spent some Justice Points on the Obsidian Armorweave Tunic.  Last night I also spent the slowly-earned Valor Points on the Woundlicker Cover so that I can finally be epic in my back slot.  I also did End Time for the first time and was blown away by how difficult the bosses were, despite not having any wipes.  I did a heroic SFK last night and a few weeks ago I wiped over and over again, but last night I didn’t let a single person die and we even got the Pardon Denied achievement.  Thanks to people on Twitter who helped me out with some gem and gear strategies!  I now have my gear all gemmed and a few enchants, and I feel like I’m doing better than before.   I also did my first ‘event’ with my new guildies, which was a 5 man trip into Zul’Aman, where I played my kitty alt-spec (and did TERRIBLE dps I am sure).

I’m trying hard not to get caught up in that gear treadmill thing though.  I honestly just want to SEE all of the dungeons and experience them before MoP comes out.  I’m sure I won’t come close to getting to do Dragon Soul, but I hope to finish out the new Caverns of Time instances at least.  I still have never done the new Onyxia, and sadly, I’ve never killed the Lich King or Deathwing!  Or Kael’thas for that matter…..

This is why I really want to join the Laid Back Raids that JD is doing, but for some reason the Horde events always fall on days where I have other obligations.   But I have so much more on my bucket list other than “killing things” and there is only two months to make significant progress on this stuff.  Yikes, I should stop blogging and log in and get a move on! 🙂

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  1. You could get into dragon soul before mists hits (I’m taking about regular Mode not lfr).

    I still need to get the Cata’s’s dungeon meta-achievement, not only for the cool mount but because it’ll be almost impossible for me to complete it for the next few months after mists launches

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