Hooray for green text once again!

Tonight was a fairly eventful night in WoW.   I started off by pinging one of the officers about my application to Reckoning, a fun social guild on my server.  I was happy to hear that my application was accepted (not that I was truly worried, I just wanted the process to speed up so I can stop being so lonely…).  I got my guild invite after asking a few questions, mostly about how the chat is moderated (no hate speech allowed) and about events scheduled and the like.  I’m particularly excited about this guild, because their recruitment posts on the WoW_Ladies LiveJournal group were always comical and exciting.  So, I’m back to having green text in guild chat and I’m excited to get to know new people and have others to group with that aren’t in the random dungeon finder.

I also finished up the Hyjal quest line that leads into the Molten Front dailies, and did a few for my first time.  Molten Front is a really scary looking zone, but I love doing things for Malfurion.  That guy, he’s such a sexy beast.  😉

I then paid an overdue visit to Terrokkar in another attempt to fish up Mr. Pinchy.  I’m destined to never get this little troublemaker, so I’m not sure why I keep trying.  Question though, isn’t there some kind of fishing etiquette about flying down and fishing in someone else’s pool?  I don’t know, it just felt rude to me when someone took my last fish from a pool.  Oh well.  I gave up tonight when too many people were attempting this, and then flew around the zone looking for rares so I could get the Medium Rare achievement.  Didn’t find anything in Terrokkar.

I also decided to give Nagrand a try, but I didn’t find any rares there either.  I was once again reminded of what a beautiful zone Nagrand is (even if EverQuest 2 did the floating islands with waterfalls first).  I just love how relaxing it is.

And, big exciting news…..

That’s 50 pets that I now have!  I scoured the Auction House and spent about 300 gold on various pets, some which were probably available in various vendors across Azeroth but I was too lazy to check.  And they were cheap, so I figured I’d snatch them up.  With this, I am halfway to my goal of 100 pets before Mists of Pandaria launches.  I haven’t even started on mounts….but those are trickier.  Those require groups and dungeons, and lots of achievements, and reputation.  Oh my, I am so behind on various reputations.  It’s sad actually how much grinding is ahead of me if I want to ever do the reputation achievements.  But I love that I will literally NEVER run out of content in WoW.  So, I’m happy. 🙂

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