WoW Bucket List

I reserve the right to add things to this list as I end up having more goals in mind. :)


– Level another character to 85 (not sure which one yet…..)
– Collect 100 pets
– Get one battle pet team up to level 25
– Start the rep grind with the Tillers and learn how to farm
– Do a couple of the Pandaria reps for neat toys and rewards
– Get the Feast of Winter Veil achievements done
– Do the Celestial Tournament once I have more max level pets
– Get a Camel Mount from the Mysterious Camel Figurines in Uldum
– Level up a Mistweaver Monk, and an Elemental Shaman.


– Level to 90 (currently at 84)
– Get a badass priest transmog set of some sort
– Get high enough ilvl for LFR
– Do all of the regular and heroic dungeons in Pandaria
– Figure out what all these solo and group scenarios are, and do them
– Check out the Proving Grounds and figure out what those are all about
– Max out her Tailoring and Enchanting


Start Archeology and hopefully find some rare artifacts
– Finish leveling Fishing, Inscription, Herbalism, and Cooking to 525
– Loremaster (highly doubt this will happen)
– Well Read achievement
– Salty achievement
– Collect 25 mounts (I only have 19 right now…)
– Earn Exalted with at least 2 more reputations
– Do Twilight Highlands and Uldum, since I skipped them completely
Become high enough ilevel to do LFR
– Make a great druid transmog set
– Kill the Lich King
Kill Deathwing!


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