It’s ArcheAge Time! My Vegan Farming Plan

The Head Start for ArcheAge started yesterday but I’m just today sitting in the queue to login for the first time.  I’m looking forward to hopping in and exploring this world again.  When I played in the beginning of Alpha, I had a great time. I played just enough to know that it was a game that really held my interest, and I decided to stop playing so I didn’t burnout before it launched for real. So here we are!  It’s the beginning of my new life in ArcheAge, and this time I have a plan.

I am going to make the game an experiment for me.  I want to play ArcheAge as a vegan, with my character’s actions mirroring my own desires in real life.  My plan is to be a farmer who uses no animal products, farming up crops & logs and trees and such to sell on the market and skill up.  If I own chickens, cows, goats, or other animals – they will be rescue animals from other farms and I will not use their products.  I will feed them and care for them only.  If I have to milk them or whatnot in order for them to stay happy (not sure about game mechanics), I will find a use for the milk that goes back into rescuing more animals.  I plan to only eat or cook materials that are 100% vegan.  And in questing, unless it’s absolutely required I am going to try to avoid killing animals (I’m not sure that’s even possible to be honest, so that might be the optional part of this experiment).

I think it will be fun to put limitations on myself and see if I can make this happen. If nothing else, it’s a  fun persona for my character that gives me some RP ability and some good stories for the blog.

Right now, I’m concerned because I’m not sure there will be land for me to start farming — so we’ll have to see when that becomes a reality.  I will be blogging about my ArcheAge experiment, so stay tuned for more!

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