League of Legends progress update

WildStar hasn’t been able to get as much love as I would have hoped, but it’s because I’ve been diving back into League of Legends.  For those who haven’t heard, I’ve been a contractor at Riot Games now for about a month, and it’s rekindled my love for League and my desire to keep improving my skills.

I’m still maining support, and my favorite champs to play right now are Zyra, Nami, Morgana, Lulu.  Lately I’ve been trying to learn a couple more roles proficiently since I am seeding in ranked and don’t want to be stuck doing a role I’ve never done before.  I want to become decent with at least 1-2 champions in each role.  The scariest for me is Jungle.  I’m going to try to lock down my Elise mechanics and also pick up someone else, possibly Hecarim or Maokai.  My ADC skills are also shoddy, but I’m trying to learn Caitlyn and possibly Tristana or Lucian as well.  I’ve been doing a bit of last hitting drills to improve my CS, but that’s definitely my biggest weakness right now.  I’ve also been playing mid a bit to improve my proficiency there, and have had some good successes with Vel’koz, Zyra, Lulu, and Swain.

Current Short Term League Goals:

  • Continue to improve my CS as mid, learn to time my roaming so I am comfortable doing it more often
  • Play more ADC and quit being afraid of it.  In particular, learn Caitlyn, Lucian, and one more (maybe Tristana).
  • Find 1-2 melee top laners to be comfortable with.  I need to get out of my ranged comfort zone. Thinking right now about either Rengar, Yasuo, Aatrox, or Vi.
  • Play more tanky supports.  Braum, Thresh, Leona, Taric.
  • Get ranked. Even if it’s Bronze V, I want to play more 9 more ranked games and get on the move with ranked.
  • Learn Jungle.  It would be great if the top laner I use could also do jungle (such as Vi, Aatrox) so I don’t have to learn champ mechanics twice.


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