Playing the Waiting Game Before WildStar

At this point in time, I’m not really playing anything.  I’m currently on a mini-vacation in Minnesota visiting family, and then when I come home I’m starting my brand new job (which I am STOKED about and can’t share details just yet).  I’ve unsubscribed to Elder Scrolls Online and I’m going to unsub from WoW until Warlords of Draenor comes out.  I’ve preordered WildStar and I’m excited to reserve my name.  And as of right now, I’m not going to play anything else.  I’m even avoiding the beta because I don’t want to have to re-play content and I already know that I’m super interested in the game.

Why WildStar?

A few people have asked why I’m interested in WildStar and I have a number of reasons.  I don’t think it’s a ‘perfect game’ – but I’ve never played an MMO that was.  Mostly, my reasons boil down to these factors:

  • It’s new and shiny, polished, and AAA quality.  These are kinds of games that I like to play.
  • It reminds me of WoW, but it’s fresh and vanilla.  I really enjoyed being in on WoW at the ground floor, learning the systems along with everyone, and tackling every bit of content that came out.  WildStar feels like the next game that I want to do this with.
  • The graphics are charming.  I’ve always loved WoW graphics, and these feel like WoW++, basically updated textures with the accentuated designs that I always have loved.
  • The combat seems more interesting.  Rather than just typical tab-targetting, both the healing, avoiding, and damaging uses a variety of ‘telegraphed’ spells and dodging, and it feels like a natural evolution. Not incredibly innovative, but just something different.
  • Housing. Enough said, really.
  • I like the setting. It’s sci-fi which isn’t something I normally enjoy, but I’ve warmed up to it and I’m actually enjoying that aspect of it.

So that’s why.  I’m really hoping this is the game that will entertain me for months and be my ‘main game’, but I also plan to play ArcheAge alongside it.  Both games really appeal to me for different reasons.  So now, I’m waiting for just over 3 weeks to dive into WildStar, which means it’s time to study up on the lore and the races and classes to decide exactly what I want to play!  See you there!

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