Elder Scrolls Online: Day 1


You didn’t think I was going to let an MMO release go by without at least dipping my toes in to gauge the temperature, did you?  I’ve played very little of Elder Scrolls Online, but enough to make me realize it’s worth trying it out. I picked up the Imperial edition for the 5-day headstart, and today I’ve created my character and leveled to 5.

I decided to go with a Khajiit Templar, because I love the cat-people and I wanted to be a PvP (AvA?) healer more than any other class. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the skill allocations, but I think I’ve got it figured out thanks to my helpful new guildies in Belghast’s guild House Stalwart.  I am using a 2H Restoration Staff, picked up Sunfire, the healer tree skills, and the Resto Staff skills so far.  I’ve also started Provisioning and Woodworking, joined the Mage’s Guild, and am now starting to harvest wood all over the world.  I don’t feel ready to write up a full ‘impressions’ piece, but I’m pleasantly enjoying the game thus far. I heard so many complaints about how it doesn’t feel like Skyrim, which surprises me because I think it feels so much like Skyrim that it’s disorienting when other players are all up in my zones. The lore is certainly all there, and the world looks familiar.  I’m not a HUGE fan of the textures and the graphics so far, but I normally lean toward stylized art like WoW or Wildstar.  However, the game runs really smooth.

I only ran into one game-breaking bug, where I couldn’t progress beyond finding the suspicious crates.  It seemed that everyone was experiencing this, so I moved on and hopped the ship into Redguard land.

Anyway, I’m not sure how long I’ll be sticking with ESO since I did preorder Wildstar and I’m certainly not done with WoW…but it’s worth stopping in to check out the scenery. And who knows, maybe it will be so fun that I stick around longer than intended. =)  Couple screenshots below:




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