A Lonely Guild Wars 2 Experience

Supposedly, Guild Wars 2 is bustling with activity and it’s alive and well.  As someone whose max character is now level 20 in the game, I have to say that the newbie areas are a very solitary experience.  I rarely see another player in the game, except in the main cities.  I wouldn’t really have a problem with this (after all, I sort of like the solo nature of the WoW leveling experience) but there are so many exciting group events and Champion/Veteran mobs all over the place!  It makes it very difficult for a lowbie running around trying to explore and adventure by themselves.  It reminds me of back in the day with EverQuest 2 when there were linked group mobs everywhere with triple up arrows ^^^ and if you tried to pull the group while solo you would be creamed.  That was an equally un-fun experience.

I remember playing GW2 the first week of release and it was so exciting to see all the people running around and working together on the group quests.  I had some of my most fun ever when it was me, a ton of strangers, and a big baddy duking it out.  But now, I can’t help but feel sad at the desolate zones and get disappointed when I have to walk away from some group events that are too difficult for me.

So, I found playing my level 20 Human Ranger to be kind of boring. I  ran around Kessex Hills a bit, completed a few hearts.  But then I found that I was level 20 and all the events were level 22 and I didn’t want to grind mobs to level up.  I tried to explore but every vista I was attempting to discover was in a place that I couldn’t figure out how to get to!  Argh!  I decided to make alts.  I tried out a Charr Guardian and decided that I really enjoyed the class but hated their newbie orange zone (a la The Barrens).  I then decided that I wanted to try out a Norn and I liked it a lot but I hated the thief class.  So then I made a Sylvari Guardian and really had a lot of fun with her.  I’m only level 4, but I think I’ll stick with her for awhile.

I feel kind of ‘mixed’ about Guild Wars 2.  On one hand, I love the exploration.  I love the beautiful environments, and the graphics are gorgeous.  I’m kind of moderately into the combat.  I like the events that feel spontaneous, and the classes are interesting.  On the other hand, the only time I’ve done WvW I didn’t understand how to play it.  I’m just not sure that it’s for me.  I wonder how fun this game is at end game if you don’t PvP?  Or, could I learn how to be decent at PvP and actually have fun in it?  Time will tell I suppose.  If there are any great comprehensive and noob-friendly guides to WvW, I’d love to read them.

This guy was enormous!
This guy was enormous!
Beautiful castle in the sky!
Beautiful castle in the sky!
I love the Norn's full tattoo sleeves.
I love the Norn’s full tattoo sleeves.

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